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There can be a lot of reasons why you could find yourself with a lot of junk that you don’t need, but also can’t really put in your regular dumpsters. Landlords, and realtors that have bought homes after a foreclosure process know what we are talking about. Yet, these are not the only reasons why you may need our help. The fact of the matter is, your regular waste management company is not going to take that old couch of your hands.

Throwing it out on the street is not the best option. At Johns Creek Junk Removal though we can certainly get a lot of junk off your hands.

About Us 

Who in their right mind would want to take care of other people’s junk? Well, we subscribe to the theory that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That being said, we know that not all of the things that we are going to be able to take off your hands are exactly going to be made of gold. Yet, we really do think that taking proper care of junk and not just leaving it on the streets to rot is something that can really make a difference in the world today. So we are a company that is looking to play a part in helping make the world a better place if you will!

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Our Services

If we had to be quick about it we can tell you that we are virtually going to be able to remove virtually any type of junk in any situation that we could come across. Since we do have a little more time to spare we can be more specific. We are going to be able to help you clean out homes whether you are moving or the home has gone under foreclosure. We are also going to be able to remove debris from construction sites. If you have appliances you no longer need you can give us a call!

Dump Truck

Junk Removal

If you really have no idea what types of things can be lurking in your property and all that you know is that you want them out of the way we can help. Our junk removal services are built to be able to take care of virtually anything that we are going to be able to encounter. We pack it up we put it on the truck and you are not going to have to worry about it at all.



We are going to be able to rent out to you a wide variety of dumpsters. This for those of you that are hosting an event and know that you are going to need extra room to throw things away. A lot of times construction companies prefer to rent out these dumpsters and pick up all of the debris that can build up on their own. Whatever the case maybe you should keep in mind that we are going to have a dumpster that is going to fit exactly what you need.

Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal

If you take a look around your house you are probably going to find at least one appliance that you have that you are no longer going to use. When it comes to things like toasters and even microwaves it is easy to set them aside and just leave them there picking up dust. That is obviously something that is less than ideal as you are losing storage space for more important things. When we talk about larger appliances all that we can say is, don’t throw them out on the street. It could lead to a fine or other types of trouble. Instead, give us a call and we are going to be able to help you with that issue.

As an owner of a remodeling company and a contractor having a company that you can trust to help pick up the mess that you make is just a great feeling! 

Mike T.

Renovating a House

I have actually had Johns Creek Junk Removal help me remove appliances from my office a couple of times. They just get the job done with ease!

Kevin N.

If you are moving in or out get Johns Creek Junk Removal to help you with everything that you don’t need! 

Priya P.

Messy Room

Construction Site Clean-Up

We talked about this a little bit when we talked about our dumpsters. If you want to have our guys come in and help you with cleaning up your construction site this would be the service that you are going to want to ask about. Basically what we are going to be able to do is come in and pick up all of the debris that could have built up over the course of the building process.

Construction Site

Full Property Clean Outs

These are the type of services that we tend to provide for landlords that have had their home vacated by a former tenant. Whether they went through foreclosure and bought the home afterward or whatever it is that happened that is not something that we are concerned about. We are going to be able to help you get rid of all of the different things that are inside the home and you no longer want to have. There are a lot of things that tend to build up we can say that.


Furniture Removal

There are many reasons why we happen to believe that just leaving your furniture out on the street is not a good idea. On one hand, you are deliberately making your street look pretty bad. Then you have to deal with the possibility of getting a fine for something like that. The best thing that you are going to be able to do is give us a call or contact us. We will be more than happy to get all of those old couches and mattresses out of your way!


Contact Us Today

If you need us to remove virtually anything from your property you are going to want to give us a call or contact us. We can set up the pick-up time quickly. Also if you happen to have any questions about the specifics of our services don’t be shy about asking any questions.