Appliance Removal

Couch In The Woods

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Just like appliances furniture is going to have a life span that it is going to go through. Once that life span is up you are probably going to be better suited, getting a new couch or a new bed. The problem is, once you get a new piece of furniture your old furniture is not exactly going anywhere unless you figure out what to do with it. Putting your old furniture out on the street is not going to be a viable option. That is why we happen to believe that the best course of action that you could take is giving us a call directly.
We Can Pick it Up From Where It Currently Sits  

Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of moving or getting rid of furniture is actually bringing yourself to pick it up and move it to a new location. That is why a lot of you still have that old couch lying around. We get it a lot of times it is hard to do this especially if you don’t have help. With these services, we are going to be able to pick the piece of furniture directly from where it is currently located. You are not going to have to move a muscle. 
What Are We Going To Be Doing With the Furniture? 

Most of the things that we are going to be picking up are going to end up being disposed of in the correct manner. If we are able to recycle certain parts we are going to go ahead. Again for the most part though, we are going to be taking most of what we pick up to where it can be disposed of properly. A lot of companies that do the same things we do are in the resale business. That is not really our thing though.
Oddly Shaped Objects 

There are always going to be weird looking couches, chairs, tables whatever it is. This is something that we have grown accustomed to dealing with over the years. Sometimes we are just going to be able to come in, create a checklist of everything that you want us to take with us and be gone. If you know that you have an oversized table or couch or whatever let us know ahead of time. We can trade pictures and measurements before we arrive so that we can be certain that we are going to be able to fit everything that we need to fit!   
We Are Making A List We Are Checking It Twice 

We like to have a good idea of what we are going to be picking up before we arrive. That is why we want to know about your oddly shaped objects and things of that nature. Since we are going to be giving you a budget for the number of pieces of furniture before we arrive we are going to have a list when we get there so that we can double-check we have everything. If you want to add items to the list ideally let us know ahead of time!